A constant evolution.

It’s how we improve the way we teach, the way we learn, and the very community we’re part of.

Our University stands for a lot—but never business as usual.

It’s not about change for change’s sake; it’s about making sure we’re always meeting the needs of our students and community—and ensuring we give our faculty the tools they need to turn a new generation of learners into a new generation of leaders.

At Butler, we’re game-changers.

And we’ve been so since our very beginning. That forward-thinking philosophy continues today. From our continual development of new academic programs, to strategic community partnerships, to major investments in state-of-the-art educational facilities, The Butler Way is rooted in innovation. These actions—both present and future—give Butler educators the tools and techniques they need to inspire and inform the next generation of thinkers and doers.

female with long dark hair in a white shirt seated at a classroom desk

Innovation in Teaching and Learning

We’ve cultivated a campus culture at Butler that blends the best classroom techniques, no matter where they come from—music or mathematics, education or entrepreneurship. Whether it’s peer-to-peer mentoring or our annual Celebration of Innovations in Teaching and Learning, our overriding goal is that all our students get the best of Butler, every day.

male and female students sitting on blue and white seats. Innovation Lab printed on the white wall

Innovation Beyond the Classroom

A good idea can be transformative. But an idea is just the start. Our new Innovation Lab helps students get from dreaming to doing. Using our Think It-Build It-Test It-Scale It approach, students will work with mentors, coaches, and investors to take a concept formed in class and use a step-by-step approach to turn it into a real business—or, if necessary, go back to the drawing board.

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Campus: Everywhere

Since our earliest days, Butler has been dedicated to providing education for as many as possible: Our founder, Ovid Butler, made clear that gender or race wouldn’t be a barrier to getting a college degree here. Through our new affiliation with Noodle, we’re ensuring location isn’t a barrier, either. We have new online graduate and certificate programs in four of our six colleges—a number we expect to grow.

stone bulldog statue, orange tree, limestone building behind with clock and word Union on it

Transformation Lab

The Transformation Lab is where we identify, explore, design, and pilot new ideas and initiatives. In addition to providing a collaborative space to nurture ideas, the Lab also offers the resources and partnership opportunities to bring those ideas to life. With a focus on advancing our Butler Beyond strategic priorities, the Transformation Lab allows us to adapt to changes in higher education and deliver the kind of innovative, life-changing education that has been our hallmark for generations.

The Butler Experience

At Butler, students benefit from a set of unique experiences designed to set them up for a successful career and a meaningful life after graduation.